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SPyware - The Web Of Trust? ( WOT) Answered

Recently Ive been very jumpy about spyware. it seems that on99% of everywebsite I see, there's a spyware ad in a corner. Ive been wondering how much spyware I've installed without knowing.... Antispyware software is good, but it doesnt always do the whole job. Most only block a program after its already started. Ive heard about the Web Of Trust. Supposedly, its a network or people who rate the safety level of a website. Ater you install the program, a safety rating will appear next to it on google, IE or Firefox. I tried researching it, but I cant find any RELIABLE sources. I was wondering if you guys have heard about this or know of something similar. Im ver worried about spyware and would like to know of other safety precautions. Aso talk about spyware in general here.


Web of Trust (WOT) is an online community for reputation rating that lets Internet users share their knowledge of websites. The ratings are based on standards of trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety.

Some differences between WOT and SiteAdvisor are that WOT gets it site reputation data from two sources: users of WOT community and trusted sources such as listings of phishing sites. Reputation data is recalculated every 30 minutes, so it is fresh. Many Internet users who have used WOT and SiteAdvisor have noticed that user driven approach gives more accurate ratings than automated ones employed by SiteAdvisor. Furthermore, WOT provides reputation regarding "vendor reliability" and "child safety", where human input is crucial.

Check out Web of Trust

Thanks for the link. I have that in my "activated list" now.

Yeah, I actually have all three (McAfee, Defender, and WOT) just to make sure :-)

You can search on CNET for WOT, and you'll find Web of Trust. Downloads for Firefox and IE.

The easiest way to avoid Spyware/ MalWare is to get a Mac! Currently there are no Spyware or Viruses that will effect Macs. There is one (yes one) Trojan Horse that currently has only effected a few attempting to acquire porn from shady sources. It's said to be an irritating bugger but easily removed.

w00t! 'Vegas is back! xD

Yeah, w00t!! Don't forget that little flash-drive "virus". Hardly a virus, and unaquireable from the web, but affects macs in a semi-hilarious way.

The DB Virus (as it was called) only effected Macs running System 7 and early 8.0. It has no effect any Macs less than 10 years old. The way it worked depended on the Desktop DB files of the original HFS (Hierarchal File System) format along with the early System Extension system of Pre-OS X Systems. System 8.1 introduced HFS+ (breaking the 2GB barrier) and the virus was ineffective.

Not fiction, but hardly a virus, as I said.

That video is a fake! There is no program that will do that. It's a very well drawn movie and some fancy handling of the computer in sync with the film, but that's it. The Mac, nor any other personal computer has any sort of position sensor. The iPhone has something like that, but even it isn't sensitive enough for a program to do that.

Actually, it does. The hard drive has an accelerometer, or something, that I've seen others use for applications like this, such as controlling a roomba

Hey zach, it took very little searching around the net to find that Apple includes a three axes accelerometer, which is already being used to control games by tilting the computer. And since the Newton virus was featured at the MOMA in februarty, I doubt it's a fake.

While the sudden motion sensors do exist, they are far from accurate enough to produce the effect in the film. It's very rough with the software that does exist! It does make a very cute film though.

The effects do not look significantly different from the program "liquid mac" available at the apple site.

Actually it doesn't. I've been in the Computer field for 30 years. The computer does in fact have sensors that will report if it's moved/dropped, but there is no capability to determine in which direction or angle. That film, while cute is not real and no program exists that will do that on any platform.

It's idiotic arguments like this that drove me away. Just might do it again…

See Tool's post:

With a 3-axis accelerometer, you can determine yaw & pitch. Nintendo's Wii system does it, I've personally done it with a Chumby. Its just a little trig.
WiiLi Motion Analysis
The above link, currently, cites formulae that are not nearly as accurate as:
-- both of which I used in my programs. You can supposively do some more analysis of the numbers to remove the effect of other forces, or at least reduce them, but I never did it. However, in the demo video, they move it slowly enough that it shouldn't have been a problem.

Here's another person mentioning the better formulae

I wrote all that, then double-checked on the accelerometer: turns out, the accelerometer detects Z-lateral, and X & Y rotational.
Also, in there, is an app that pseudo-randomly rotates windows -- showing that virus's effects aren't completely out of scope.


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LasVegas, good to see you again.

There are several types or forms of this (if I understand you correctly).

McAfee Site advisor is one (the link is for the FireFox extension, but there is one for IE too).

MSIE Defender has a similar function which draws on the experience of others.

Is this what you mean ?

Yeah tats exactly what i mean, but much better!!!thanks!!!!!

Glad I could help :-) BTW: I get a lot of recommendations from CNET since they are pretty diligent about making sure they have little or none on their site.