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SRv3 prototype pics leaked Answered

Prototype SRv3 shooting 500ft! ible and video COMING SOON!


The barrel seems that it needs reinforcement for holding the power of the rubber bands. I hear from somewhere it shoots 900+ feet.

Lol no the barrel holds strong the gun only shoots 500ft not 900. I've got more pics somewhere

Gotta be honest, KK. I respect you and your builds, but:
1. It's not a leak if you're the one willingly showing them. I'd just call this a preview. You're trying to hype this a bit given that...
2. It isn't deserving of the hype. Again, I respect your builds and, sure, getting more range is always impressive. But when it's literally years (not that I'm one to talk entirely) between versions and the only improvement you make is in a little more range, design revision, and nothing else, what's the huge deal? I know the idea is to keep the weapon simple, but why not at least add a few more features? I'd really like to see you make this thing repeat for example.

Well so far the v3 is sporting a new ratchet loading mech and all of the previous bullpup features it has already been pictured! loading is now easier than ever! Check out my youtube channel so see some more up to date videos of the gun or just go to my show and tell forum!

honestly I am excited for the other projects too. I think you will like them but maybe not.

I think you're right. Slingshots don't have a mechanism beyond a trigger. It's too simple to make a slingshot shoot far. Longer barrel and stronger bands. It doesn't matter what shape you make the gun.

the only real hard part was inventing a mech to hold that force and a gun strong enough to withstand that tension. The mech was the hardest part the rest is pretty much how you want it to work

I can understand what you are saying but until you actually shoot a K'nex rod over 500ft it is hard to understand why that is sooo so cool. lol The hype is because snipers are once again relevant on the field again because of the extreme range. But more than that the forces placed on the gun are pretty extreme to shoot something that far is pretty impressive engineering to make it a "sniper size" package. I love power and anything that impresses the general masses. This is a project I have wanted to build for years and just never got around to it so I am happy to have done so this time. There are a few cool features on the gun that are in developement but at the end of the day this is a single shot sniper rifle. I do have plans for several other cool gun designs this just happens to be one of the ones I really wanted to get out of the way before I moved on. I'm not sure what is in the water lately but my brain has been going on overdrive coming up with several new interesting ideas not seen before so don't worry lol. I can understand if this project isn't for you. I hope you come to the war to see it shoot tho. It is pretty impressive.

I'd like to see someone with copious amounts of knex and/or money make a 12 foot version of one of these, with red-rod thickness and powered by a few Bungee Cords...

But its great to see all this stuff making a comeback. I was getting bored of the countless "Look what I copied from Call of Duty" stuff.

+1 That would be amazing. But isn't this thing already like 12 feet long? lol, jk

the current model is about 5 1/2ft long

I just had another idea for you. Seeing how the main drawback to this weapon is its single shot with long reload, might as well throw a mini shotgun on it.

Thanks for the ideas I thought about doing something like that but it is a big big gun and unless the shotgun or whatever was detachable it would be pretty impractical you know? It shoots super hard and far so if protected the sniper would work

Awesome! It looks really sturdy. I'd just be worried about the rare possibility that the barrel would break off and crash into my face. =D

very cool, im glad to see your back and at it. how does the new barrel design hold up to the stress? cause to get 500 Ft you have to have some sizable rubber bands or Surgical Tubing. also it looks like your using a new trigger mech, if so how does it compare to the Sr-v2's mech?

It uses a reinforced SRv2 mech with a bullpup trigger design to conserve on space and maximize the barrel length. It has been a matter of balancing the trigger design for the most efficient hold and pull. Also of course designing the barrel and exoskeleton design is new. It conserves on pieces and makes it very sturdy. When I post it up that may all make more sense lol. So think SRv2 only actually worth using because it will shoot almost 2x as far as a TR so in testing 500ft+ some and I just bought new bands so it may shoot a good 550 to 600ft I have to test it tomorrow.

Ok so its a more optimized SRv2(and the obvious body redesing). I tried doing a bullpup Sr-v2 back in my Knex'ing days, tho mine only moved the mech a few inches back not at the very back of the gun. how does aiming work with the new configuration? I think im going to have to start knex'ing again cause there's nothing quite like punching a hole in cardboard at 50+ feet (i had accuracy issues) with nothing but plastic, tape, and some rubber bands. also what bands are you using? #64 i would assume?

I use size #64 rubber bands for most every one of my guns however the SRv2 and now the SRv3 use surgical tubing of different dimensions. I'll post up the exact place to buy and what size to get once I post the gun. I am experimenting with a few different sizes and ideas at the moment.

Not to be sarcastic but.......

"Look I made an SR-v2 with a longer body so it shoots further!"

You could just keep making it longer to shoot further. There isn't much to improve with slingshot guns.

there is never a limit to anything when it comes to pushing the limits. I firmly believe anything can and should be made better. Wait till you see the video you might be more impressed with the old concept

I have a good slingshot idea you could work on. It won't be as powerful, but it will be a repeater. Use a turret to hold back 8 shots with the rubber bands already stretched out to the front of the gun. the top one will fire, while the others have their bands wrap around the barrel of the gun. You use a bolt handle or something to advance the turret to the next round. The only issue is coming up with a body strong enough to hold that without bending in the turret area. But it would be the first actual advancement in slingshot guns since the SR-V1.

Yeah the whole point of the slingshot mech is for raw power. I do have several other gun designs I have been working on. I realize the gun is not a completely new concept but that is not the point. The point was to make the sniper I've been dreaming to build for a few years now. lol Basically once the TR was built my SR series was almost useless considering they shot the same distance for the most part. So obviously the SR's had no purpose other than looking cool and fun for shooting. I wanted to make a relevant sniper again so making it stronger with a new body design and a beefed up trigger mech and bla bla bla lol would make the SR class relevant again considering it shoots 500ft+. But don't worry I have several other exciting ideas planned this is one I have been dying to build tho. In terms of is this gun just a bigger SRv2...... I'd say not exactly the mech is similar but the gun and even the mech is different. Bullpup too

Is it just me or is that a Christmas tree?!

Gun looks great though! ;)

Christmas in July! Thanks the gun is coming along not the colors I would have chosen but it is the prototype.

Can't wait to see the video.
As for its size, how big is the gun?