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Working SRv3 and Directional Mine Prototype Answered

I haven't had the time to work on the SRv3 in a while so here is what I am thinking of doing. Let me know what you think. I want to release an ible on what I have built up to this point. Which by the way is a working shooting gun that shoots exactly how I want it to I just need the body, front, grip, stock, and bi pod to be designed and built. If you build what I present your SRv3 will shoot 500ft. What do you think? I want to make this gun a collaboration of design ideas so we can all build the gun as a community. Let me know if this sounds fun to you all. If so I'll post pics this weekend!

08/11/2013 Pics of both my working SRv3 and Directional Mine Prototype coming soon! Just a few fun stats of the two. The SRv3 has been recorded to shoot over 500ft and is extremely accurate. The Directional Mine launches 25+ K'nex green rods over 50ft in a nice spread pattern that can be activated by both trip wire and pull cord. Both are shooting great and are extremely fun to use! I hope to get a video and ible/forum up soon showing how to build both and how they preform!

08/14/2013 Go check out the Directional Mine Prototype on my ible NOW!


I just had the random thought of Mepain slapping 8 of these on a turret. The BFKG. You won't have time to fear it before knex rods are raining all over you.

So, it simply flings the pieces out like a slingshot but via pulling an arbitrary sheet taught? How is it activated?

Attach a fishing line or string to the trip mech. It activates either by trip wire or pull cord depending on how you would like to activate it. Yes it is a sling mech that flings the K'nex projectiles forward with quite a bit of power considering I have it set with up to 10+ size #64 rubber bands. The effective range depends on the ammo used and the amount of bands used on the firing arms. It can easily hit 50ft but I would say 25ft is the best effective range of the weapon even tho 50ft is probably more accurate. What do you think?

Now my question is that if it is a directional mine, can you prop it on its side? Or will the ammo fall out of place? It seems like it'd be more practical aimed in a direction.

yes it can be propped up on its side I just don't have legs or a stand designed as of yet that I like. Did you check out my video? It covers all of your questions

How come forum topics take forever to show up?

not sure probably the same reason the ibles take a while to show up on the search. I just put up a video on the ible of the Direction Mine Prototype shooting and stuff

I posted a forum topic over a day ago, still hasn't shown up. And I haven't seen this one until today.

It's the filtering process. I'm guessing it's mostly manual. Basically, Ibles tries to figure out if your topic is just spam first before it's allowed to show up in the forums. Here's a tip, a forum with pictures is more likely to pass through quickly than one without. I don't know if it helps, but sometimes I also post a comment on my topic.

go take a look at my ible to build your own direction mine and help continue in the development of this project! Thank you :)

Posting it, then working on it with the community sounds great.
I myself can't build the whole gun, so when you post photos, I can work on individual parts.

Sounds fun to me! I just feel like do to me having limited time these days to work on it and the fact that it is shooting great... I just wanna post it! lol Don't have time lately to mess around too much so it is hard to get it up to the standard I want it to be in terms of a finished product. I think the community can help generate ideas and together we can spark some creativity to make it very cool. I have lots of ideas just no time.

Ah, the no time problem, I know that one, even though I'm currently still in my summer vacation :p
The community can definatly come up with some cool parts and idea's for this gun, if we get to see it ;)