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SSTC Trouble Shooting? Answered

I am in the prosses of building steve wards Class E SSTC( http://stevehv.4hv.org/classEsstc.htm )and copyed the secondary from here: ( http://www.richieburnett.co.uk/hfsstc.html ), i have it all set out i am am using all the componants he does only mine does not work(not that I expected it to work!). i do not have acsess to a osiliscope nly a multi meter with the Hz function so i can not look at the wave forms it the Gate/ anntenna. Any help would be much appresiated as i have not really worked with tesla coils/ resonance before.


I think you'll need to tune L1 and C6 to resonate with L2 use this calculator.

Be careful of C6 it will remain charged after use and may kill with sufficient voltage.

sorry for taking so long to reply, yeah thanks for the links but i have one problem, they are saying i need like 1 turn with 1.5 nf of tank capacitence, i am sure this cannot be right as it is comparable to the capacitence of just the primary coil alone. i just wanted to check that sounded right thanks again

Maybe you aren't using it correctly, use this to convert the uH to mH and the pF to uF. If it is not this give me the specs of your secondary coil and i'll see if they add up. Or if you figure out it is correct lower the frequency of your secondary (I don't think this circuit is designed for 4MHz).

Hello again, um, yes i was using the calcs incorrectly, after proper thought i retried the calculations and found a reonant frequencey of roughly 110.863 kilohertz. Does this sound a bit more correct?