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Stop the Kangaroo Killing! (Updated) Answered

Stop the kangaroo killing!

Please help, Forward it to everyone in your contact book and spread the word!!
Keep kangaroos out of the endangered list!!!

This video will keep you off roo bugers for your entire life! If it doesent, I don't know what will.

Please sign the petition
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9 years ago

Once I saw a dead kangaroo across the road. It had a beer can in it's hand and a cheap pair of sunglasses on it's head. Whoever done that is both silly and cruel.

. Insensitive? Yes. Macabre? A bit. Juvenile? Of course. Cruel? How so if the poor critter was already dead? When I'm dead, you can dress me in a tutu and stick a feather duster up my butt for all I'll care.

But how do you know they didn't purposely hit it and dress it up?

Maybe the beer can that the deer had was only one of a few empty ones in the back?

also, another answer as to why one would dress up a dead kangaroo, would be....have you ever tried to dress up a LIVE ONE ? LOL

Oh so THAT'S how your stomach got to look like a C


The first time I posted it, it didn't show at all, so I thought I hit cancel... The first time I posted it, it didn't show at all, so I thought I hit cancel...

Hmm, dual. personality.....we'll call you Pete and Repeat :-)

Awww...I wanted to be Repeat
Deal with it!
Don't tell me what to do!
...Well...Shut up!
Excuse. We'll be awhile...
Shut up!

They'd kick you in the guts if you could ever get close enough to attack them, and they kick HARD with both feet...

Right, so no one would try that....the only solution is to find a dead one to dress up :-)

Or, they could just play hit and run with a roo if they got a laugh out of dressing it up...

No one is denying that this is a remote possibility, but Ockham's razor, mentioned by Kelseymh, is what we are looking at....the most likely scenario is the more simple one.

Think of it this way, even if you are correct, it was only that one time, that one person or group in that one vehicle, I am sure the main populace doesn't go around doing that, or they would be all over the place. Know what I mean? :-)

. Why on Earth would you assume they did? Imagine how badly it would dent up your vehicle if you hit one hard enough to kill it. Unless Australians, as a whole, are some pretty sick and sadistic*, my guess is that the odds of that are pretty slim. Not impossible, but not very likely.

*The only AUns I know are on TV, so maybe they are all S&S, but I doubt it.

They don't have to dent your vehicle, they could trip when jumping across the road, You drive over it, He lifts his head up hitting the bottom of your car...

. So we have all these Aussies, driving around the countryside, trying a hit a kangaroo that trips when it crosses the road. Interesting. Are they drunk, too? Sick, sadistic, and bored (and enough money to buy the petrol). Plus a bunch of clumsy marsupials. That must be one weird place.

Just to let you know, one of my postie friends saw someone speed up on purpose to hit a wallaby that was crossing the road, and he stopped, checked it's pouch and broke the baby's neck, how about that for insensitive and sick?

And (not replying to the right comment but..) I didn't just post this topic because I thought they were cute, we look after them, we have had many baby wallabys in our care because people have killed their mothers. And if you don't think people care about animals, why do we (wildlife carers) get up every three hours to feed them then?

That's not what you said in the OP.

You just posted an unnecessarily graphic video to try and force an emotional knee-jerk reaction from a generally thoughtful audience.

Three million red and grey kangaroos are killed a year, for an industry that uses them mainly for leather, meat and pet food. The international response to this killing-campaigns in North America and Europe to place kangaroos on various lists of endangered species-never ceases to puzzle Australians. They know that a combination of the provision of well water for livestock in Australia’s arid outback and the removal of dingos has increased kangaroo numbers.

CANBERRA, Australia — Local lawmakers may write new legislation ensuring kangaroos can be shot to curb overpopulation problems, an Australian official said Friday, a day after a court suspended a program to kill thousands of the beloved marsupials outside the capital.

Animal activists challenged the government's contention that thousands of common eastern gray kangaroos must be urgently slaughtered on Canberra's fringes to protect endangered plants, reptiles and insects that share the grassy habitat with an abundant population of kangaroos.

While the government is explaining the need to kill kangaroos in purely environmental terms, a population explosion of the marsupials in the region is causing other concerns.

Kangaroos are an increasing traffic hazard on area roads, and a Canberra resident recently had to wrestle a kangaroo from his house to protect his family after it smashed through his bedroom window.

Anent your April 29 Topics item ''Killing Kangaroos,'' on a recent trip to Australia, I talked with many people, especially in the outback, who have problems with kangaroo overpopulation.

None want to eliminate kangaroos but they do want to cut the number to manageable size. One man told of the battle he wages daily with kangaroos, which destroy his crops and limit where his children can play.


Is there a reason you linked to the same site 4 times?

Because the formatting system here won't allow multiple paragraphs in one link.

We don't try to hit them, but occasionally there is one or two people who think it will be fun to hit 'em

. That I would call cruel. . > occasionally there is one or two people . Whew! Y'all were about to convince me that all you AUns were murderous wackos. . . Dressing up a dead animal is still not cruel. ;)

Yeah, Occasionally. But how do you know they did not kill it then dress it up?

. I don't. But I'll bet 5USD they didn't. . What leads you to believe they did? I don't know how y'all do it in Oz, but in the US a person is innocent until proven guilty. "Could have" and "may have" just don't cut it.

I don't have any leads, I'm just saying that they could of done it

The Flying Spaghetti Monster could of shoved predigested food up your rectum with you knowing about it, just so you could excrete it again later. But I kind of doubt that that's what actually happened. The logic is the same. Think about it.

> Think about it.
. I'd really rather not. I thought my tutu and feather duster remark was pretty bad, but I can't hold a candle to you. "I'm not worthy!"

Actually, as far as I know from Australia Geographic, crashing into a kangaroo doesn't dent your car.

. Link? Quote? Sounds like BS to me.