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It's really sad that instrutables is beginning to let advertisers "sneak" onto their site. It was such a beautiful idea to begin with and now I see more and more advertisements labeled as instructables.

 PLEASE go back to everyday people sharing useful instructions instead of Charlatans spreading their own self-aggrandizing products.

 Instructables, you WILL begin to lose your fan base unless something changes. I've seen it to many times in the past. Sites that start out with good intentions but eventually succumb to the almighty dollar. I know bandwidth isn't cheap and We don't mind the adverts on the edges but, PLEASE watch out for shameless self promoters.

Watching With High Hopes,


Just wondering - you've been using this site for two years. How did you think it was paid for?

Succumbing to the almighty dollar happened a few years ago when advertiser money dried up and Instructables switched to a freemium model by implementing pro memberships. Before that, everything was free because it was ad-supported.

I wouldn't worry too much about the big brands that pay for a hub or contest or for randofo to build them custom content. Those sponsors ensure that we have enough money to keep the site up and give away prizes. And it's someone's whole job at HQ to ensure that their preposterous ideas don't get implemented just because they offer us money. (Except for the Ikea Share Your Space contest and a few other rule-proving exceptions.)

Feel free to PM me for more info.

What you are seeing is something we've been doing for a very long time (making sponsored content for folks we partner with!) but a recent ruling by the FTC requires that we now declare the content as sponsored!

(At least I think that's it - if not let me know which specific projects/items you're talking about! I'm also curious if you mean bloggers that link to their sites like Deandra mentioned below.)

We always try to make sure our sponsors and advertisers are a good fit, and in most cases we get to choose the projects we make so that we can keep them relevant to you guys!

Without our advertisers and sponsors, we'd run half as many contests as we do, and have a tricky time making so many awesome projects for you guys. We run on a tiny budget here, so we've got to stretch out dollars. :)

I notice you haven't paid to be a member. How do you figure the site is paid for ?

I am genuinely interested in which instructables you are referring to.

I realize that it may not "be nice" to call out certain instructables, so I guess I'm more curious if you are referring to those of us who are everyday people with blogs are what you consider shameless self promoters. In that case, I would be included in that pool of people.

One thing about this site is that it has such a high ranking with google that as a blogger, if you're not involved with this site, you are not getting the traffic you could potentially get.

I will also say on this thread that I am definately glad that Instructables partners with companies to bring great contests with awesome prizes. That fact alone continues to attract people who get excited about what they have accomplished, and a way to show-off what he or she has done and show all of us how to repeat it. That is the true purpose in the end and whether or not that is done by a group of people owned by a company, or by an individual like myself, I think it's important to continue to do.

Where are you seeing these advertisers? On Instructable pages?

There is always the flag button you can use on any instructable to have the staff review it for SPAM. There are a few that you might encounter that slip past the filters but they are usually dealt with in due time.

Of course, there are the "sponsors" and "partners" that are working hand in hand with instructables like that car company that gets the tab on top or a major brand tool company that sponsors contests. I guess you learn to read past that.