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Safari doesn't like image notes : ( Answered

For some unfortunate reason, Safari Version 3.1.2 (5525.20.1) doesn't display or allow me to create image notes.


Gha! How do I stop it from doing this? I don't want to drag and drop the image into another file, I want to put an image note on it.

Picture 6.png

Actually, see Rachel's followup to my "solution." The "Java" part turned out to be a red herring -- it seems that JavaScript + reload the page is the workaround.

[Safari] -> Preferences... -> Security -> Enable Java The image notes are handled dynamically, by having a little Java applet draw the yellow boxes on the image when you load the page.

My observation is that both are actually necessary:

  • With Java and JavaScript both disabled, then Safari will not display the large versions of images associated with steps (and therefore won't show the image notes either).
  • With Java disabled on launch (*), but JavaScript enabled, then Safari will display the large images on steps, but will not show the image notes.
  • Enabling Java and reloading a Step makes the image notes appear.

From this behaviour I conclude that JavaScript is required to display the large images themselves, and that Java (an applet, presumably) is required for the image notes to work.

(*) If you disable Java after the fact, image notes continue to function, presumably because the required applet has already been loaded and is active.

Looks like a bug in Safari, or in our Javascript code, where the image notes don't show up on the initial load. Selecting a different small image, then the first again, will make the image notes appear, regardless of whether Java is enabled or not. As Ivan has noted, there is no Java used in the browser. The image notes are done entirely in Javascript.

Yah, cuz betta Chrome doesn't have Java. Once they release the full version, you should be good.

which is strange, because i can still get those java messages from the site...