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Salt Attack Project Answered

Dan Holmes pictured on the extreme right is busy with his 2008 Grassroots Bonneville Attack and I wish him well in this endeavor seeing as I'm a Bullet rider myself.

Quote from the site Bonneville Bullet

"Got motorcycling friends? Motorcycle club, group? Let them know about this underdog, grassroots Bonneville attack by a classic Royal Enfield Bullet and a few dedicated volunteers. We need support from motorcycle owners, riders, enthusiast, groups, clubs, weirdo's, and just plain bike nuts wherever you are."

The Bonneville Speed Trials are from 2nd - 7th Sept so not much longer to wait and see history happen. :)


*Must suppress desire to drop everything and hitchhike to Bonneville*

Very tempting I must say, however for me it would involve the Atlantic Ocean and I guess there wouldn't be too many jet ski's going my way. :) Apparently they have quite an entourage of photog's with HD video equipment too, so I'll have to be content with that media.

You never know, there might be an amphibious 4x4 going your way, and a jet-powered Charger going the other way.


9 years ago

We stopped at the Bonneville salt flats on our way back from WorldCon. Pretty neat place... Very surreal.


You just know you're in for a very different experience when the spectator guide recommends sunblock under the nose and chin. :)

I'd love to see these guys make a good showing. I love it when a Rudge or Vincent makes a better run than a works-Harley, or a cookie-cutter Jap bike. A Bullet would be even better!