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Saltwater Etch question - Rubber Answered

Hey y'all, I have another question related to etching my iPod. I took it apart, and now have the aluminum housing with a piece of rubber (latex?) connected to it (the buttons). Do y'all think that the saltwater or current would have any negative effects on it? Thanks!






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. If you are using a room temperature method, then you are probably OK with a few hours exposure. But I'm no expert.

Well, you're about the closest thing to an expert that I have at hand, so I'll trust you. Thanks!

Oh, by the way, I took the iPod apart (without any damage! Yay!) and am now sanding the whole thing, though the etching will most likely be only on the back.

. I'll suggest some type of clearcoat when you get done etching. Don't want it to start rusting on the inside once you get it back together.

I'm electroplating (or trying to, anyway) it right now, so I'll update you on that when it's done. I was figuring clearcoat would be the way to go, to prevent scratches and such. Thanks!

Saltwater does draw moisture to itself. But I haven't any clue as to how long it would take to start to dry out the rubber.

. From what I've read, it doesn't "dry out" the plastic/rubber, it leeches out the plasticizers and causes it to become brittle.

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salt has a tendency to erode things away....as long as you clean the rubber with some distilled water afterwards you should be fine