Salvaging parts from a guitar amp. Answered


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     I have an AXL Rouge guitar amp that my friend gave me. Either the driver or the amp is messed up because when I plug a guitar in it doesn't make noise. To hear the guitar I have to turn on OD, turn up the gain to 10, and turn the volume to 10. Then it just sounds like a bunch of static with a faint note in the background.
     That  being said, I want to try to salvage as much as I can from it to make a new speaker to use with my iPod. I have disassembled the majority of it, and I don't see any major problems inside it except that everything is hardwired/soldered instead of being easy to remove. The cone appears to be in good shape, and I don't see any damaged wires (other than the ones I cut) or any electrical burns or other signs of shorts. 
     The real reason I am asking this question is to find out what parts would be broken, what would be worth saving, and what I could do with aforementioned parts. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the amp jack does not have a metal sleeve inside, which is probably the reason it had a bad signal. 
     So yeah, any tips, tricks advice, encouragement, criticism you could give me would be great. 


*criticism* Why'd you do that?!

Not possible to tell - it could be a simple problem with the jack plug or a more complex electronic problem. You have cut it up now anyway.

Salvage the speaker and the case and build or buy a new amplifier to do what you want. Computer speakers are cheap and often have a reasonable quality amp you can remove and put in your old case.

The amp and driver appear to be fine. The only problem I can see is the amp jack. Would it be possible/feasible to use the amp output (the ones that run to the driver) to power an array of multiple smaller drivers? Such as a set of tweeters mids and a sub?

The preamp output will be very low - It's intent is only to amplify the very very small input from the guitar to a high enough level for the main amp to deal with.

So if i understand your question correctly - no.

Not sure what's broken... all I can offer you is "encouragement", so here goes...

With a Google search, I'm sure you can do it. ;)