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Sand and water pictures? Answered

I am trying to find instructions for making sand and water pictures where a mixture of sand water and air are trapped between two pieces of glass. By turning the picture upside down the sand, restricted by the air bubbles will produce a unique "landscape" on each occasion. Any help would be much appreciated.


I almost made one of these, but I didn't have the right kind of sand - it needs to be very fine and probably size-graded with a good-sieve.
> Get two pieces of glass, and make a sandwich with card or something similar.
>Clamp them together and apply silicone-sealant to three of the edges.
>When the sealant has set, pull the card out (leave some sticking out so that you can do this).
>add a bit of water, then sand, and repeat until nearly-full.
>close it off with silicone-sealant
>mount it in a frame.


Many thanks for that. I must say that the problem I had was getting a tidy edge to the sealant inside the unit and I think what you have suggested may well be the answer.


5 years ago

Mine have no water between them just colored sand.