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Sandals made from billboard fabric Answered

The barefoot trend keeps catching on. About half of the Instructables staff wears Vibram Five Fingers shoes and Eric has even run a marathon in a pair. But it's totally understandable that people would want some even cheaper alternatives, such as the invisible shoe. Now there's an even cheaper option coming along that's made out of billboard fabric. They're called Paper Feet sandals and are set to go on sale this summer for $5-$15.

Now I'm a little dubious about the comfort of such shoes with some potentially sharp edges, but it's cool to see people constantly trying out new ideas. Hopefully this one turns out well.

Paper-Feet: Sustainable Sandals that Don't Cost an Arm or a Leg


That foot has some pretty sharp looking claws.
You too could have nails of lethal length, unimpeded by closed toe shoes.

"About half of the Instructables staff wears Vibram Five Fingers shoes and Eric has even run a marathon in a pair"

Really, now?! (runs to local store to get a pair)

Yup. We don't wear them all the time, but pretty often. I regularly run in mine and use them for walking around my neighborhood.


8 years ago


Wow, would that protect your feet at all?

Wouldn't the paper be more prone to bending and becoming scratched off?

"It's a triple-layered fiber-reinforced material," [Tomczak] says. "The stuff is pretty durable."

It's not to protect your feet from dropping a hammer on them, it's to protect your soles from the sharp pokey bits that tend to be left around...broken glass, bottlecaps, pop cans. The idea is to get as close to being barefoot as possible, but still keep your feet clean and not riddled with tiny cuts.

As far as the shoes are concerned, I appreciate the idea, but the only times I usually wear shoes are when I need the tops of my feet protected. My Skechers have lasted me 22.5 months, and I have yet to find their equal. Real leather upper, real rubber soles, and they wear like moccasins but are as durable as work boots. They discontinued them the week before I got them, so they were on clearance for 80% off, but it also means they don't exist. :-(