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Sandboard Instructable Answered

I was going to make another sandboard to try a different design, and I was wondering if there was any demand for an Instructable about it. Anyone?


It looks interesting. Ditto from all the others, just do it. Your last project on a sandboard was just a slideshow. You should do a full instructable. You might want to title it something along the lines of Ski or Snowboard down a dry slope, something to gather attention to those not aware of this eXtreme sport. I was interested in your technique to get the bend at the ends of the board but didn't really see it. I'm sure others would want to take a look and apply what you did in other areas like mountain skateboarders or maybe stick a windsail on one of these things. Good luck.

All right, thanks for the title idea, I guess no one would probably just be searching for sandboard.

Does this also work for grassy slopes? I guess it is best on a sand dune, maybe a little rougher on clay or mudpack. Let us know.

I've never tried on anything other than sand dunes, but I've tried on grass, and it doesn't work too well, but the slope was pretty shallow. I think it would work better on a steeper slope, but I don't have many of those around here.

I have gone down grassy slopes on a snowboard. Here in Northern California, we have hillsides covered in grass that over the summer grows to 2 feet tall. After the first freeze in the fall it all lies down. If one goes out early in the morning when it is all still frosty they can fide down it, but it is kinda bumpy, and it hurts a lot more than one would think when you fall.

You never know; they might! Use both, and explain well on the intro step. Here's a picture of Eric sandboarding in Peru.


All right. This will be my first instructable, so I need all the advice I can get.

Let's try that again, as the picture didn't take: try this for perspective.



I wish you had a photo from Eric's POV!

That looks awesome.

I agree with Kiteman.....as the man says: Just DO it !

Go for it.

Even if there aren't any current members who want it, google brings more people all the time.