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Sanding Laser Etchings and Saltwater Etching Through Anodization ?s Answered

I own an iPod Shuffle, 2nd generation, silver. It is very plain, and I've recently been reading up on saltwater etching. I want to remove the standard Apple logo from the back and etch my own text (it will either be "iMake" or "iBles", I can't decide). I've come upon two roadblocks, so far, those being: can I sand laser etchings (the Apple Logo) off, and can I etch through the player's anodization, or would I need to sand that off? I don't really care if it doesn't turn out perfect, or looks like a total mess. It's not like I paid for the thing. Thanks for any help!


I've never even held an iPod - are their cases metal all the way through, or do they just have a thin layer of metal over plastic?

If it's metal-on-plastic, I would have thought that the saltwater process would be useless once you've sanded the logo off and down to bare plastic.

BTW, see this Instructable for more on the saltwater process. Maybe you ought to ask neelandan for more advice?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa - wait! You've never held an iPod? And you're a teacher? Do they not sell them in England, or or your students that well disciplined?

They're not that well disciplined (though they're not bad) - it's just a combination of a ban on all mp3 players from school, and the knowledge that if I catch them with one, I'll keep it until they bring their parents in to collect it. ;-)

Same here. And our cell phones must be off and out of sight during school hours, or they get taken too.

I've heard of one UK high school that allows phones, but fines pupils five pounds if they ring in a lesson.

Well, actually, sometimes our teachers will just warn us if it rings. The old, mean, teachers are the ones that take it away immediately.

Hey, don't be. It means I'm healthy.

I take out all my stresses and strains on the kids at school, and have a happy, calm homelife. Watch your teachers - the ones that seem to put some effort into getting on with the kids probably get the least respect and will be the ones off sick most often.

The genuinely relaxed teachers are the grumpy ones - you'll be surprised how easy they are to talk to out of a lesson, and when you go back to visit your school in years to come, they'll still be there, hale and hearty.

I was taught English by the same man that taught my father (25 years previously). Evil smegger, crack shot with a piece of chalk, daft as a brush with it. They had to make him retire in the end, but he was ancient when he died in some sort of accident.

Just a quick question, what grade do you teach? Is it primary school, or secondary?

It's Middle - kids aged 9-13.

However, the local County Council has decided that they want to "improve" the local school system by getting rid of Middle school (after a revealing stand-up row with a county councillor, though, I am sure that the whole move is merely to save money, since the plan involves putting 17-19 year-olds in a separate college to the high schools, a move proven to harm student performance, but don't get me started...)

Anyhoo, I'm a Middle school teacher for now, I'll be a High school teacher sometime in the next 5-10 years (I may decide to add "technology" (aka "resistant materials") to my portfolio before then, since there is a distinct shortage in that subject).

Ah, I thought y'all had it named primary, secondary, and college. Middle, gotcha. So, you could teach me! If only I lived in the UK....

LOL - I ought to make my own pupils read this thread. (And isn't the internet a weird place - there are certain posters here, yourself included, who make it very hard to remember that they are too young to do a paper round in the UK. Conversely, of course, there are one or two others who act as though they should still be having afternoon naps, although these tend to be the members who haven't posted any 'ibles yet).

although these tend to be the members who haven't posted any 'ibles yet).

Hmmmm..... :-)

Immature = 'ible-less is not logically equivalent to ible-less = immature.

(Which is a flash way of saying "not you, Goodhart" ;-))

Thanks, sorry I am more paranoid some days then others ( just wait, you WILL see a day where I am less so....I promise LOL)

And isn't the internet a weird place - there are certain posters here, yourself included, who make it very hard to remember that they are too young to do a paper round in the UK.

And how would that be?

You need to be 13, plus you need written permission from your school to say they're happy that it won't interfere with your schooling (if you keep being late or tired at school, they can ban you from the round).

crack shot with a piece of chalk,

That brings back memories LOL, I had an Art teacher that could single out one of 2 persons less then 3 inches from each other with a chalkboard eraser as far back as the 8th row.

Is that a ban on possessing one at school, or using them at school? Over here, we're allowed to use them on the buses, and certain teachers let us listen to them if we have free time.

It's a ban on possession. Mobile phones are also restricted - they have to be handed in to the school office at the start of the day. That's to prevent cyber-bullying.

:-) I work around computers and I have never "held" an iPod, nor seen one up close and personal like ;-)

. Dude! You've GOT to get your hands on one. My daughter has one of the smaller ones (nano?) and it is AMAZING how much they can cram into a tiny package. And how they get so much clean sound out of that little thing, I'll never figure out. When you and I were whippersnappers, it would have filled a two car garage. :)

Well, right now I am having some difficulty renewing a subscription to one of my fav. magazines so, unless Xerox declares me the winner of their promotional contest, I will be without for awhile.

I know what you mean though about "stored music" as I have had to get rid of a stack of LP's that weren't sounding very good anymore (I hated to see my Disen|HairEted album go though), and then the record player went south. And no one in th area CAN repair it. My "stack" consisted of about 12 LP's, and inside their jackets were nearly 3 inches high (I still have Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery album if anyone is interested LOL).

Still, that is nothing compared to the stack of Lacquer albums my Mom had to sell after Dad died. Heavy and big (thick)! Those ole 78's had like one song the one side of an LP sized disc.

> then the record player went south. And no one in th area CAN repair it . Believe it or not, they still sell turntables and cartridges. I've seen models with RIAA eq built-in and a USB port. I'm in the market for a new turntable (I have 2000+ LPs), but haven't spent much time to doing research (rather low priority, compared to getting my Mustang back on the road and posting on Ibles).

:..-..( I just wish I could get the wife to clear out her garba.... er stuff so I can use my workshop again.

Well, first it was no one was willing to try to repair it, now they claim the parts are not made anymore. I have a really decent amp and tuner with it too......it took me over a year to replace the needle LOL Right now, I am still struggling a bit with just getting my 2 magazine subscriptions renewed, then I will worry about extraneous things. BTW: Besides the desire to eventually do an -ible on pyrography, I think I have a decent one planned that is both easy and yet I "think" unique. I will have to look around more to make sure though. I am slowly borrowing my way back through my wife's "stuff" so I can get to my work bench. I need access to my soldering station.

I'm technically looking to etch the clip - it's pure aluminum, though anodized. I guess if I sanded it down to bare metal, I could etch from there. I'll PM neelandan, see if he can help. Thanks!