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Sandwich Contest Winners (Finally!) Announced! Answered

The Votes are in! Sorry it took me so long, I kind of held the contest right when school was starting and I was moving... Anyway, here are the winners!

For 1st, we have Scoochmaroo'sIce Cream Sandwich.
In 2nd, we have Branonls'sBacon Queso Sandwich.
3rd place goes out to Laxap with his Surprise Bread.
Runners up with the most views (not including 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners) is Edsobo'sTasty Vegan Vegetable Panini.

I will be contacting the winners through PM, and will try to send out the prizes ASAP. Congrats to all the winners!



7 years ago

I'm still waiting for my awesome 3rd prize... ;-)

Oh boy, this is embarrassing... I haven't shipped them out yet, I'm very sorry! I will ship them out this weekend, I promise.

Just sent them out today. Soory it took so long!

I love all the sandwiches, they turned out so awesome!