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Satellite images. Answered

Does anybody know where i can get highly detailed satellite images? Higher than google. Google has this thing that you can pay $20 to get better quality, but to me that seems like a rip off. Anyone know any places to get better pictures? Thanks


. As others have mentioned, if you want higher resolution, aerial photographs are probably the way to go. . Where to get them? I'd try local timber companies, oil exploration companies, surveyors, surveying supply stores, &c.; Look through the Yellow Pages. If you can get friendly with someone in the right department, you may be able to get "last year's" pics for free. . Don't know if they supply pics (probably do), but USGS.gov has detailed topos of most parts of the US, if a topo will fit your needs.

. Oh, yeah. Check with local professional photographers. If they took a shot of the desired area, they may sell you an "off-spec" print cheap. If nothing else, they should be able to point you to someone that knows where to get what you want.

. And any company that has to deal with rights-of-way (right-of-ways?) (eg, electric, water, cable, pipeline, &c;) will probably have aerial photos. Ask the right person for for an obsolete (to them) print and you may be able to get it for free.

I need pictures of Iran. I highly doubt that PNM would have them.

yep, they are the utility company for New Mexico DOD didn't have much

I've never heard of any but I hear google is really good though.

what do you need high quality images for, anyway?

I need higher quality for a plot of land my cousin wants to buy in Iran.

Ask around, someone's bound to have an account to google earth/maps they could just give you a copy, besides they're not too bad...

Try searching google, oddly enough for google hacks etc... not that you would be into that... I know the operable cams are extremley succeptable to run commands through google... perhaps you may find more... but unfortunatley most probably not legal... so probably not a good road to travel... if you get my drift.. ;)

i love live. you can do birds eye view, too :D

Those images are more recent than google's. My neighbor's fence has been built, and destroyed.


10 years ago

You could always build a satellite that'll take pictures....

*sarcasm* That would be cheap *sarcsm*

in canada, its actually relatively easy to get a small satellite onto a spacecraft.

for under $20? I don't think so. Do you know the prices?

to launch it; nothing. to build it, a lot of money

i've heard about this. they claim to be "affordable" satelites; that is, if your definition of affordable is $98,000 USD

Define "relatively"? If its that easy then i've found a way to beat the kite mounted camera instructables by LOADS!!!


10 years ago

To get better than google (even to get as good as google), you generally have to give up on satellites and go to mere aerial photos take from planes. My understanding is that while people assume that google has satellite photos, a lot of the higher resolution stuff is actually from aerial surveys done by plane.

How high-resolution do you need? You might try the USGS website. It's not particularly cheap, though.

My dad has some large (about 24"x24") B&W aerial photos of our old house that he used to settle a property dispute with our nutcase neighbors. I'll ask him where he got them.

It would depend on what u want the image zoomed in on ?

Maybe the Chinese government will sell them to you? I honestly have no idea.