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Saw blade spins way too long after the cut. Answered

Do most power tools (such as Drill Press, Circular Saw, Table Saw, Router, Compound Miter Saw, Disc Sander), come with built in "brake" mechanism which will help slow the tool down once the energy is cut off? 

My Compound Miter had a functioning brake that later stopped working.  I have very hit and miss experience with this.  Some do sometimes, and others never do at all. 

OK, My tools aren't high end makes. My brands lean more toward the Chinese vs the Swiss. 

Waiting on the tool to spin down to stop tests my patience.
Perhaps there is something simple I cound modify to enable a reasonable brake function.
(I'm hoping to do a tweak as opposed to taking metal to smelter and starting over)

Any thoughts?  Any help is Greatly appreaciated!  BOB Z



Reply 5 years ago

Mine's a craftsman too - probably same issue. I'm not sure of the mechansim - any reasonable possibility of us hacking one?


Reply 5 years ago

I think mine has a dirty or worn faulty trigger switch. It did sputter and brake if you jiggled the handle just right. I'm too lazy to take the thing apart since I don't use it as much now. It's a beast to move around.