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Say Hello at the Maker Faire Sat May 17 Answered

If you are a published instructable Author going to the San Mateo Maker Faire ....  I would like to meet you.
Just sign in here,
Seek me out there,
Say Hello and I will hand you a Lucky-penny like
This offer lasts as long as the first fifty Authors to meet me on Saturday.



Sounds great! Good oppertunity to meet some other 'Iblers :D

So ... will you be coming all the way from Warwickshire ?

Haha, unfortunately not 'cause of expenses going from England to Switzerland. When I said: "Good oppertunity to meet some other 'Iblers :D", I meant only for some.

That's cool!

It would be a pleasure to meet with you .... how are you traveling to the event ?

Unfortunately, no. Finances and awkward restrictions to time off work mean our foreign travel is limited to Switzerland this year.

(Are there any members in the Geneva area?)