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Say you had a giant wall designed for fastener storage.... Answered

I've been working on a project for the last week. When it's done I'll have a chunk of wall with: 90 1"x2"x4" drawers 64 3"x4"x7" bins 48 3"x6"x9" boxes My goal is to get all my various hardware organized and to fill in some gaps so that I always have a small handful of whatever size of nut, bolt, nail, lag screw, rivet, sheet metal screw, etc. that I need and don't have to go making a trip to the hardware store unless I'm doing something big and need dozens of something. So my two questions: If you had this setup, what sorts of less common hardware would you make room for? Where would you go to buy hardware to fill this thing up? I know if I go to the big box stores and buy those little plastic bags with four of this or five of that in them, I'm going to end up spending a lot more than I need to. I know places where I can buy hardware by the pound, so that will help keep costs down. But I'm also imagining that there are people here with on-line sources that might be cheaper still?


This should in part be judged by your tools and future plans for new tools. If air tools have you got extra couplers, line filters, compressor & tool oils. Any specialty tools or misc. needs that are hard to find ASAP. (Electric grinder wrenches are pretty easy to tear up or bend so an extra or 2 I also have a 9/16 end wrench that I had to grind flat for fit as the original grinder backup was slipping and spreading.) Definetely don't buy the boxed asst. of parts as you'll only use a small portion of those included and will be running after more popular sizes. Rags, gloves, respirators, glasses/goggles. 4way drill chuck. These are things that I started hunting as soon as the papers were signed on my new garage. I often go to Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply, Steve's Wholesale and such and spend a few hours browsing for those little tools that we never think of until we cannot find them. Stock up on grinder wheels, wire brushes, sandpaper, all the goodies you use a lot. The nuts and bolts are the easy parts!! BTW, I think I'm jealous of all the storage you have there!!!

I'll have to post a picture. It wasn't exactly hard to build, though i did the shelf with a bunch of saddle joints that were easy to fit together one at a time but frustratingly tight all at once. The expensive part was the row of drawer cabinets.

You could maybe try ebay.