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Scalextric? Answered

I have seen no scalextric video slideshows or instructables and was wordering if anybody has a custom sclextric track and if so do you have any tips for me as Im making one myself. Also do you think there is a place in the community for scalextric.



Best Answer 8 years ago

As a proper answer! Scelextric is a very diverse tool for making tracks. Sketching designs is a good way and I have copied silverstone from google earth and flattened a k'nex coaster from youtube ito a track! As for community, a forum would be good but an instructable isn't really needed.


8 years ago

I copied silverstone from google earth! Just nick stuff of youtube or something

yeah i was thinking that ! but i might do dorrington.

I used to have the top gear test track (google earth) but more exciting news YOU HAVE MY 500th comment EVER! P.S I prefer Hornby Trains to scalextric.


how many comments are you away from it? P.s congratulations

I'm at 514 now, so I joined in February 19th this year so it's about 75ish comment s a month!

i joined october last year and im only on 354!

hehe I have been using this since like 2005/06, before the likes of the SRv1 was even heard of! I remember the first gun I built of this site: IT WAS SH*T!
Maybe I just built is wrong but I've never liked KillerK's magnum. The second gun I made was the "KNEX GUN" (now called original k'nex gun) and the first 'big' gun I made was the SRv1. When KillerK never posted and I happened to have figured out how to make the SRv2 I made the decision to sign up to post it. I guess because the SRv2 is a really big name that's how I got noticed and tons of people have commented and 32 (or 33?) people have subscriped in the past 7 months! Expect a couple of posts within the next couple of months!

my first knex gun was oompaloompas sniper : ) it was quality. i have 18 subscribers:P

Hehe wierd cause you have more 'ibles than me

Yush I have 502 comments on my own 'ibles and the rest have just been from random chit chat/my forums. Lol you say I make better stuff than you but my two most popular aren't actually mine lol!

hey stop spamming!!! o.j lol but there still ibles' that you created but somebody else disgned it.

My god. You live in england. You just missed the most stunning program. You missed Derren Brown revealing how he did this:

(not my video)

yeah i whatched that also did you see how he done it? like how h figured it out? im doing that with my family

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I will If I get best answer! Lol only joking

yeah : / you make better stuff than me though.

My best thing is that breaking sniper I've started taking pics but as you probably know these things take time!

Oh BTW check out my NEW video! Not K'nex related I'm afraid though.

yeah i was thinking that ! but i might do dorrington.