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Scanimation help Answered

I am a carpet manufacturer based out of Agra (India) and I have been quite captivated by the magic of scanimation. I have now been thinking of making a series of carpets in scanimated designs and using a coffee table with black printed stripes in lieu of bar mask. (This idea is not mine, please see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua7HOX32PGA … I have no intention of copying it , but taking inspiration from him I wish to take this to a whole new level)

I want to know, if this is possible in only black/white or can we use more colors as well. For example, maybe I can have 5-6 turtles with their legs in black , the background white and the turtle’s body in color. Will then I get the effect of movement ?

Could someone help me in preparing some designs ? 


That sounds like a brilliant idea.

A quick Google shows that most scanimation is black and white, but colour is also used. The important things are to use high-contrast, and not a great amount of fine detail.

As you work through your project, *please* take plenty of photos, and then write up an instructable. It won't harm your sales (how many people have the tools to weave a rug?), but I'm sure it would be popular.