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Scanner fun Answered

OK I heard from a very reliable source of mine that there used to be a program or driver or something where you could make the scanner hum or sing to like a song or something like that I was just wondering if the program or driver etc is still out and about if its free where I can find it and how to use it and yes I realize I used a bunch of random meaningless things in the keywords box but thats just because this is something that isn't going to be happened across very easily



10 years ago

. I've never heard of it, but it will probably be brand/model specific.
. Ahah! Found this (and a bunch more) by Googling "singing scanner"

yeash i tried make scanner sing scan sing scan hum scanner singer i never thought to use that i feel like an embicile of epic porpotions

. When I get to a point like that, I find it helpful to do something else for a while and come back to the search with a fresh mind. Having used search engines for 10-15 years helps, too. ;)