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Schematics for a one way RF Relay/Switch? Answered

So my plan is to have a small remote with a single pushbutton that when pressed will close a relay on the reciver, I would like it to have a pretty good range of at least 1000 Meters. I thought of using XBees and Arduinos but i only need the signal one way and only a single channel. Any ideas?


You could hack a pair of walky talkies if your aim is first proof of concept. That way you can do it cheaply to check it works.

For that range you would need the Xbee ZB SMT for about $300. Its max range is 1200 meters but thats under ideal conditions. As in no other frequency interference, on a clear sunny warm day, with clear line of site between transmitter and receiver. Realistically you'll get maybe 900 meters out of it. There are more powerful models but they get pretty pricey.

A cheaper solution that would take a little more work would be hacking a pair of 2 way radios. On the receiving end you can use an opamp that can take an audio tone and activate your relay.