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Schematics/Instructions for guitar pickup Sustainer? Answered

I saw some pickups  for sale, sustainers, I thought "oh thats cool" but they are way above my budget. Besides that I love the sound of my current pickups. What I want to know is how to make a sustainer  with on/ off switch for my 3 coil single coil strat. It would be neat to have on/off but I could do without and just make one pickup sustaining. Any tips schematics links, etc, are very welcome.



7 years ago

Look to the "Project Guitar" forum. They've had several DIY sustainer pickup threads going, including a truly epic thread that had to be locked down,

If that's not enough info (316 forum pages), check out their other threads...

It's not a simple thing to do, BTW. You know that some normal stompbox F/X and amps can create a lot of sustain in a simpler manner, right? (without the positive feedback loop of a "sustaining pickup).

Other schema are possible, too--I've seen one that utilized a piezo element clamped on the headstock, fed with a LM386 or other small amp chip.

Thanks alot, I've been looking for this website but couldn't remember what it was called!

Oh and I meant just a simple sustainer, I don't need to be able to adjust attack and sustain, i just want it to have loooonnng sustain. Sortof like vai