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Scholarship Idea/ IAQ irobot Answered

Hello all, I like all the great ideas submitted on the forum. My Idea for the iRobot contest is To have an IAQ bot utilizing the OI interface. I would like to have an air filtration unit on the irobot, and possibly monitor air temp, humidity, air quality etc, and to have an alarm condition when something falls out of your given parameter. I envision the robot going from room to room monitoring the IAQ conditions and letting you know if there is a problem. This will be my main goal for the contest due date. Given further R&D I would like to add different extensions to the unit by possibly by allowing the robot to be linked with the homes HVAC unit for added zone control, and efficiency. I am new to Robotics, and I have always wanted to enter into this field, and figured this contest would be a great way to begin. To further extend my idea it could also be used in military or hospital applications for detecting harmful airborne disease, or help protect against bioterrorism.


Thanks for your input. IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality, I should have specified.

You never said what IAQ is... I like. This could help a lot of people with asthma and similar problems. I think they make air filtration systems that monitor air quality. Not sure. How about running down the street near a suspected biohazard too?

. From the context, I'm guessing it means Interior/Inside/Internal Air Quality.

. Very interesting. Using modular, plug-in sensors, you could test for just about anything. . Love the HVAC link idea, but that may be difficult to implement on the HVAC side in the time allowed.