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Scholarship Robot Proposal: Plant Gardener Answered

This robot would tend to a high value plant. The plant would sit atop the robot and the robot would seek to maximize light during the day. It will slowly rotate on itself to allow all sides of the plant equal sunlight ensuring an even growth. It will slowly travel accross the room seeking sunlight from other windows as the day progresses. Finally, it would detect people walking by and wuold warn them when the plant needs watering. Simple idea with achievable goals. Thanks for your consideration!


I was just rereading you idea. This could be really freaky if someone didn't know about it... They're just sitting there talking to you, watching TV, etc. and the plant starts moving across the rooooooooommmmmmm... A fun practical joke!

If the robots purpose is to seek sunlight, it seems feasible for it to recharge itself (partly?) with solar power. I don't know if the robot can charge while it's operating, food for thought for version 2 :)

You'd have to have a seriously large solar array to accomplish that, and you'd have to be in the sunlight constantly. It sounds cool, but I'd stick to charging at the station. Just be sure that your robot keeps track of proper light exposure, so if it has to go recharge before it's done, it can keep it's proper rotation and exposure when it goes to find more light. Another idea, perhaps, if the robot can't find light, it would have a backup lamp it could turn on? (not on the robot, just somewhere it can find one.)

. With modern ("high" efficiency) solar cells, this may be a better idea than aarone gives it credit for. If nothing else it would extend the time between having to dock to recharge. And every watt you get from the cell is a watt that doesn't have to come from the wall. . . I really like aarone's alternate light source idea. Great solution for dark days.


11 years ago

I think this is a really cool idea. I'd like to offer a suggestion, an idea came to me while I was reading someone else's concept. I thought it would be easier for the robot to water the plant itself. If you got an electric squirt gun, popped it open, and added an electrical switch, all the human would have to do is add water. The watering of the plant could be managed by the robot. Sounds like a cool idea.

Thanks for the feedback. Having the robot water the plant for you is an excellent idea. I had not considered the electric squirt gun idea, which is genius in it's simplicity. Thanks again.

Glad to help. I was trying to bend my mind around the idea of adding a small water pump with a tube and a reservoir, and it just didn't make sense. Then it hit me that these things are cheap and easy to obtain!