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Scholarship Roomba Create Idea: Mouse Trap Answered

My idea is for the robot to be a mouse hunter. I know this sounds far fetched, but all you have to do is load it with peanut butter. To describe the trap: You attach a capacitor, and leave the circuit open. The robot remains unmoving, and waits for the mouse to go for the peanut butter. When the mouse steps on the two separated plates, attached to the Create, the mouse closes the circuit, releasing the charge in the capacitor, killing it instantly. (A disposable camera works great for this, it has capacitor and voltage needed to kill a mouse.) The Create would search for either movement via IR, or, if possible, UV reflections from the ground. Mice leave trails of urine that reflect UV light. These trails give the Create an excellent place to set the trap. Once the charge of the capacitor is released, the Create will sound an alarm and flash an LED. Perhaps scooping the mouse into it's undercarriage and moving on to find another ideal trap site.


I have a mouse trap made by Victor. It's gray plastic and inside is shaped like a "U". The entrance has a ramp that operates like a teeter-totter with the entrance being the heavy side. Once inside the mouse cannot go back out. The lid slides off the top for emptying. I bought it because the store didn't have the trap I was looking for. I think they also have a battery operated one for shocking the critters. I guess it works. I haven't seen a mouse since I bought and baited it. Or maybe it's the mountain of poison under the house.

Ha, perhaps it is the poison. The battery operated does work, I've used it. Hence, the integration of that and the Create. The Victor trap sounds, well, sound. Maybe it's a good thing you haven't found a mouse in it!

Excellent comments. To answer llama13, you are right about mice not liking being chased! For the most part the robot would just observe and log the movement and an algorithm would be in place to determine which location would be best to "setup shop". Once an ideal location is found the robot will pretty much shutdown until the capacitor fires. I'm still debating whether to try and get Create to store the mouse and find a new site immediately or just wait for me to clean out the unlucky mouse before finding a new site. My instinct tells me that the scent of a dead mouse will repel other mice. The scent of a dead guy would certainly repel me. I'll have to do a little more research on mouse behavior.

NachoMahma: The trap would be like a small box with a short hallway, peanut butter at the end of the hallway. The top of the box would open up, to allow removal of the mouse and rebaiting. While open, a simple switch would prevent shock. The entrance to the box wouldn't be larger than a quarter, to keep out unwanted critters/pets larger than a quarter =)
Since mice will not enter backwards they are forced into a position that will arc the 315v or so, through their heart. I could also have a door that would fall shut upon triggering of the trap.

Any other comments/criticism/possible improvements? I'd love to hear em!


11 years ago

Are you meaning a kind of motion senser? If you're meaning a kind of robo-cat (which I don't think you are) then any mouse won't like anything following/chasing it. ;)

I hate mice. I never had trouble with them until I moved into this house. I've killed a lot of them. They love peanut butter and chocolate. They stink. Bad for asthma. I use a box like trap and throw the whole disgusting mess in the trash. And chemical warfare under the house. I got rid of them then an oppossum moved in. Talk about STINK. Can you teach it to chase after oppossum and chase him out.

. Make sure the entrance is small enough that non-nuisance critters (eg, pets) can't get shocked. Some type of one-way door will help trap the mouse if the shock is not lethal.