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Okay so this is where you would come to get help on any type of Homework assignment.... Jump in and get all the answers you are looking for.



he mean this is wear you get all the answers for homework

I think you mean,

"he mean this is where wear you get all the answers for homework"

"[H]e mean[s] this is [where] you get all the answers [to your] homework[.]"

Captain Grammar to the rescue!

It depends on what he is wearing at the time ;-P

The stock symbol for Alexander Nubia Intl. on the Frankfurt exchange.

(previous version deleted; inappropriate.)

A trivia question: What is the word that it is pronounced and written the same way in 40 languages? I dare you to answer before I do in a few days.

OK. Try this one. Which adult (XXX) movie ever has won an Oscar?

ha! I remember this one.... Midnight Cowboy. :-P

Darn! It is not fair! You know all the answers! I'm gonna sit on my corner. I'm not playing with you anymore! :-(

lol... Here's some fitting trivia for you then...

"dammit im mad" is "dammit im mad" spelt backwards. :-p

sounds like you need a 2x4 for just such an occasion...

I don't understand your question !