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School/Work fun? Answered

Have there ever been a moment for you when oh so boring work/school is actually fun? I have one. This is the only one there is from me. OK, so our school is going to a museum. I came across a very cool shop that sells weapons. I am not only allowed to buy one, my school's best teacher ever Mr.Andy actually bought it for me. ( quite expensive, $75 ). In case you are wondering, the weapon is an ancient native Australian club. It's very strong. I kept smashing stuff with it and it hardly even dent. So, that's my story. What's yours?


Having fun at school is pretty easy. I'm known at school for smuggling stuff into school and concealing it. One of my favorite tricks is the HORNET. It's easy to conceal and very,very fun. If you want to know how to make it send me a message and I'll give you instructions. Who know's maybe I'll make an instructable on it. Anyway just sneak something in. There's also an easy way to sneak an ipod and listen to it during class to. Once again PM me for more info.

Heh, once you're playing with real weapons, hornets just aren't that fun anymore.... And I AM allowed to listen to iPod at class....but so what? that alone doesn't make school fun...

Alright you want REAL weapons?. Ok I do know some about those specifically bombs but you'd have to email me I can't post those where any school kid could find out how to make them.

Err....I can make molotov cocktails, and that's good enough for me... and what I mean by real weapons are my sword/knife/club collection. Look, you DON'T smuggle weapons to school, ESPECIALLY BOMBS as that is STUPID. I bring two telescoping extendable tonfas/police side handled baton (hitty stick) to school, but that's because my school have wars with other schools like once every two days (and I mean REAL wars, lotsa people get hospitalized lotsa times), and 'sides, my principal said it's Ok if its just for self defense......But smuggling bombs is officially stupid, will not make school fun, if anything it will make it worse.

I didn't mean like hurting people we used to smuggle in tiny litttle things called "ladyfingers" that wouldn't hurt you but always suprised people when they opened their locker's and their's other kinds that are REALLY loud.

My fun at work is limited pretty much to coming into Instructables during backups and long running jobs...

I used to have a fun moment every day at school. That would be every third period, when I played halo with the other classmates (I had the fastest computer on the back wall). I would pwn em or come close because of a shee noob's reign of terror (usually it was me who killed them). Then they uninstalled halo except on one computer, where they put halo full on it. I have no way of getting trial back on because they block all the sites where I can get it from, and I cant get my CD and install full on it because the DVD drive is broken.

Well, school is fun cos we muck around a bit, but my most fun moment was when me and my friend nearly got left in the isle of wight. Basically, me and my friend shared a room. i went to the toilet and asked my friend to tell me anything that i missed. Unfortunately, he went to the toilet too when i went, so we didnt know what we were doing. (He didnt tell me this till we were on the coach). We were supposed to go down to say thanks to the hotel people, but we stayed in our room, because we were expecting our headmistresses whistle to call us. Apparently, the coach had traveled half a mile before they counted us, and noticed 2 were missing (me and my friend) they drove back to the hotel, and coincidently, when our headmistress came to look, My friend and I went to look too, and we stuck our heads round the door and my friend said the immortal words: "Have we missed it?" That photo of us with that caption remains in our headmistresses office to this day!