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Sci-Fi Critters - Insects combined with Watch Parts Answered

Insect Lab combines real insect specimens with antique watch parts and other technological components to create these sci-fi critters. 

Jason showed me these and I thought they were beautiful!  The beetles and butterflies are my favorite.



7 years ago

It's Cool!

Seems a bit familiar. ;)

I'm not sure which implementation I like better, actually. The full-sized taxidermy is more visually impressive, but it took some skill to put a watch inside of a rhinoceros beetle.

These are just awesome, Imma have to try this sometime!

Freaky, but cool.

So that's what makes them... tick! :D

It'd be nice to know if those $110 prints were numbered and signed...

the idea is kind of bizzare but i love it! they just look awesome