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Science Fair Project Ideas for High school Student ? Answered

I've been searching everywhere for an Awesome science fair experiment to do on instructables but sadly can't find any. Does anyone have any suggestions?


The video is a good idea of what to show and explain...
If you don't mind reading Google-translated texts from a strange language,
I can give you a link with some more.

Do you have SCIENCE in high school? What sort of science do you want it to be? Just a few ideas: Game of life on a LED cube (actually I was going to do it as a programming project) Which way does an s-shaped tube turn if places underwater with water sucked in through the center (read Feynman)? A bridge with equal distances between the weights and proof that it's a parabola Which way does a tower break when it falls?

What are you interested in?

What are your skills?

What topics do your science teachers like?

Tesla Coil.

Most of the ones on there doesn't seem like a high school project.
Thank You for answering though