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Science Olympiad Answered

Hey! Is anyone here in the Science Olympiad club in their school? If so, post about your Scrambler, Robot Ramble, or Sumo Bot!



11 years ago

I'm part of FIRST robotics, from the sounds of it, what your doing is similar. We have regionals at the end of the month.

Interesting, I've never heard of FIRST robotics, does it incorporate "studying" events into the competition too? Good luck with your regional competition! (By the way, does FIRST robotics have a website?)

T3h_Muffinator, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think by "studying" events he means where one studies a particular subject, then takes a test, sometimes with a partner, during the competition, much like tests at school, except that they are voluntary :-).

On the money, Cameron! Makes sense too, you were in Sci Oly during middle school. And Sam, I'm sorry that I didn't explain the studying events that well...

18 medals on the wall, most of them from the studying events. The building ones usually went to the dumb kids who pretended they could handle it, then got their parents to do it for them. @@$%!@$%!#$!!!!~!!!!!!! Three times First at Regionals! Yeeha!

Hehe, I just found a couple of old pictures of me in Sci Oly. Check 'em out!


Nice! I don't have 18, as I was only in sci oly from 7th grade up, but I do have quite a large array of medals on my wall. I was in all of the building events, but I wasn't stupid like the kids were in your school. I was in studying events as well. Oh, I remember feathered frenzy like it were yesturday!

studying events entail studying subjects ie. Chemistry, biology, forensics, oceanography, circuit labs, physics, maps, food science etc. One of the studying events is called 5 star science. It requires knowledge of all of the basic sciences (earth, bio, chem, physics, and environmental)

I was in Science Olympiad from 6th through 8th grade, but now I'm a 9th grader at a different school that doesn't have a Science Olympiad team. Sad face. That was the B division though, and Scrambler, Robot Ramble, and Sumo Bot are division C events. I considered trying to start a team in high school, but only one of the science teachers isn't a nutcase, and he teaches physics to juniors. I just have to get by with Scholar's bowl. T3h_Muffinator, are you trying to get help with your team to give it an unfair advantage? You sly dog... ;-)

No, no! Our team already went to states, I just want to get a taste of how many people on Instructables have had this great opportunity! By the way, would Scholar's Bowl be related to Quiz bowl? I think I'm joining that next year!

I have not been in Quiz Bowl, but I think it is very similar to Scholar's Bowl. Team play, questions asked to both teams at once, first team to hit the buzzer gets to answer? If it's pretty much the same thing, go for it. Anyone nerdy enough to be on this site is perfect for Scholar's Bowl/Quiz Bowl!

Awesome. The science olympiad coach JUST so happens to be the coach for Quiz Bowl, so I have connections =P

Thanks for the info

I am. My teams Scrambler is pretty good. The friction on the axels is disapionting though. I have not heard of the sumo bot. What is it? I am one of the main people in the scrambler, robot ramble, electronics test, wright stuff, and boomaliever. What about you? I can't tell you about our robot in robot ramble(top secret)

Our scrambler was awesome, but the person running it is pretty much.... an idiot? He always takes way too long to set it up and always calibrates it poorly. I'm in division C if you aren't you wouldn't have the sumo bot. The objective is to push the other bot out of a square, there's size limitations, weight limitations, and a 2 minute time limit. If there's a tie, lightest one wins. Our competition happened already, we got 3rd place in regionals and 15th place in states. Let me know how your school's team goes! I was in: Sumo bot, Wright Stuff, Boomilever, and remote sensing.

I know that there are competitions nationwide... I suppose that your school might not participate...=/ It really is a great club though. If you ever get the chance, definitely join!

No one is in Science Olympiad??