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Science fair project? Answered

I'm a 15 year old, and for the science fair, I'm planning to do something based around a floating lightbulb and wireless power transfer. However, the project has to be based around an investigation, (with a hypothesis, and a written up report including variables, etc.)

I'm stuck on an aim/hypothesis, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas?



8 years ago

You could do wireless power transfer by carefully dis-assembling an old INCANDESCENT light bulb. DANGEROUS to do, So wear eye-goggles, better yet, get your dad to help with that part. Install a coil of wire wound around a NAIL in the base of the light bulb. Run the 2 wires up to where the filiament used to be. Attach a small LED with and a DIODE in series with acurrent limiting resistor (couple hundred ohms) to the LED. Re-glue the bulb back together so it looks "normal" Blow smoke or something into the bulb if it needs to be re-frosted. Build another coil that would be located UNDER your water tank. Attach a 12 volt AC voltage to this other coil. Now when the bulb is floated in the water tank, it will be attached to NOTHING.... but will mysteriously glow with FREE, MAGIC electricity that is UNEXPLAINABLE. Make up a THEORY about how this works due to something totally ill-logical and rediculous.... but only reveal to the TEACHER your REAL hypothesis is to see how many people believe the LIES you told about how it works!!!! And to see how many people do their own investigation and ask questions to discover the truth. or something to that effect. It will be somewhat difficult to build and cloak the wires under the water tank. but it seems possible to do if you put a lot of effort into it. Maybe this idea is not what you are looking for EXACTLY.... but might help you come up with something you like. .


Answer 8 years ago

Well, about 3/4 of the class is doing something along these lines....not the electrical part, but the surveying and experimenting with people thing. Still, I like the idea of hiding the real hypothesis.