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Scorpion's Rock knex ball machine Preview Answered

I have finally been able to upload my video of Scorpion's rock. For some reason the first 18 seconds of the Remember, this is a preview meaning that it is not completed yet. It has four lifts and three of them are new lifts made by me. There's the tire booster, the grabbing arm lift, the chair lift and the stair lift made by 39Shadowman. Please subscribe and stay tuned to possible updates and for when it's completed. Please leave comments. Enjoy!!



HUGE!  And rather cubic.

I look forward to seeing more.

I am looking forward to finishing it. But even if I don't finish Which I highly doubt I will be making instructables on the new lifts and elements.
I've also got ideas for three new lifts.

Nice, I hope to see a video however far you get with it.

The chair lift looks a bit like what I made in cylco, but I had to support the ball when it no longer went aprox. vertical.

It's a compact and promising ball machine, I hope a better video will come soon.

Thanks and i hope you had a good holiday. My family went to a water park yesterday and I got burnt :-(
BTW MY internet connection is finally working.

I was lucky not to get burnt at Disney World, I was there for 13 hours straight. :-P

Your back off holiday! WOO!

Cataclysm video update now? :D

looking goooood!

What kind of lifts does it have?

I just added some image notes to explain that

ok, nice I checked them out, I like the way you built that launcher lift, did you know Shadowman39 is making something similar?

Yeah but I had the idea before the update came out and I felt like using it. It is nowhere near as strong as Shadowman's though.

I've already got 3 more lifts in my head that I will use on my next big ball machine.


8 years ago

epic! 5* ive got a new ball machine coming out soon

looks very good!