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Scrambled album-art on my Ipod Answered

At some point in the last year, the album art on my ipod has become scrambled beyond belief; some pics are applied to several albums, some albums that already had artwork have had it replaced, etc. Is there any way, short of laboriously going through song-by-song (I'm at about 17k songs, so I'd like to avoid that) to repair or replace them?


i have had the same thing happen to some of my songs....but i haven't had the whole ipod do that...

there are a few options you can try.... 1) make sure all songs are highlighted and then under advanced, click on check for album artwork. that may reset them.. however, it may make it more scrambled, i don;t know....

2) take the forever amount of time to go through all the help services in itunes and see if they have something on that

3) back up all your songs to disks, then delete your library and reload the songs back in, but you have like 193810938129 songs, so probably it;s not worth it

hopefully one of these works for you :)
the reason this happens is becuase the coding in the cds and songs has special wording or numbers, and other cds may have the same or similar....
for example, my three days grace cd has the album artwork of a album called 3 graces, usually when you check for the artwork, it gives you the options of the albums it relates to.. but sometimes it picks for you

good luck!

There's a plug-in for iTunes which examines the start of each track, checks a database for tracks with the same "signature", and tries to use that to repair the descriptive information. I don't know whether it would fix album art or not.

I'm not an IPod user, so I didn't note details... but it does sound like it might do what you need. It was mentioned on BoingBoing some time in the last month, I think; that might help you track it down.

I think you're talking about Rockbox (only thing I could find on BoingBoing for it) but apparently I have one of the Ipods they either can't or won't be making a build for... too bad, bcz it looks like it'd be supremely useful.