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Scraping a microwave oven for parts Answered

I just got a microwave oven from the scrap yard any one know how to dissassemble it safely? Also does anyone have any ideas on what I can use some of the parts for?


I dont want to fix it I just want to scrap it for arts.

you don't like art? :-)
but seriously, plasmana has written a pretty good instructable about the same subject heres the link

do what 11010010110 said, or this is what I'd do. Unscrew all of the screws, if the cover isn't coming off then pry with a grounded screwdriver (I mean crowbar ;) schools frown uppon that). Just incase if you were to touch the capacitor without knowing it. Once in clear view of the big metal can, then just short the lead several times. And then your safe. With the transformer you can make some pretty wickidly hot arcs. I'm talking about like burning electricity and 11" arcs.

make a cup of water with some salt (not much) and 2 electrodes in it (or anything else that can discharge 1200 V capacitor) connect the wires to the capacitor with isolated tools. do it all with 1 hand without touching anything else few seconds are enough short the capacitor directly with screw driver with isolated handle disassemble safely sometimes changing the fuse on the small circuit board is all whats needed to fix it