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Scratched glass fixes? I accidentally scratched the mirrors in my bathroom when sanding the frame. Can this be fixed? Answered

I was in the process of sanding down the wooden frames of my bathroom mirrors preparatory to refinishing them, and I didn't take the mirrors out first (duh!) Anyway, I was using 40 grit sandpaper, because the wood was pretty badly damaged from years of use without proper care, and ended up with some deep and ugly scratches in the glass. Biggest problem is that I'm just renting, so I'd really like to fix the problem before it is noticed by the owner, and having the mirrors replaced would be a financial pain in the neck, to say the least. So, does anybody have any ideas about fixing the scratches? Can I do something like I would with wood, using finer sandpaper in sequence, or will I just have more scratches of varying width and depth? How about buffing or polishing with or without some sort of filler?



5 years ago

We own a glass shop. What I would do is, cut 1" off the mirror all around. ( or whatever needs to be taken off to make scratches dissappear

I would suggest getting a glass shop to fix it. However there probably if a way you could do it, It would have to do with going to a finer and finer and finer snading paper and then a diamond paste. Once you sanded it down enough you would need about 4 hard felt wheels, and about 4 grades of diamond paste, starting at 14000 mesh going to 25000, 50000 and then 100000. so yeah I would suggest to do the glass shop route, unless you just so happen to have this stuff on hand (like me for lapidary work)

There are mobile glass scratch repair companies like this one that could probably help you if a glass shop does not


Otherwise you could always do a frosted glass look on the edges to cover up the scratches as another cheap option, but one that would also look neat if done properly.

good idea on the frosted glass. if you were careful enough, you could likely tape of somethign like a 1" boarder and spread some acid etching paste on it.

You might try one of those kits from the auto parts store, that is used to fix scratched/cracked windshields.  They use a liquid polymer, and a syringe to create a vacuum so that the polymer is sucked into the crack.  It may be sufficient to just paint the polymer onto the glass and wipe off the excess.

With any method you want to try, first try it on a piece of scrap glass that has been scratched in the same way.  Your local glass store will have lots of scrap glass that can be used as test pieces.

Unfortunately, scratches from 40 grit abrasive are far too coarse to polish out in an ordinary fashion.

Good luck!

I agree with Burf - sanding the scratches out isn't too likely.

Could you replace the frames with deeper ones that would cover up the scratched areas? Or maybe use some of that fake frosted glass stuff (paint? applique?) to make a faux-frosted "inner frame" that would hide the scratches?

My quickie diagram below may help show what I mean:
deep frame on left, faux-frosted inner frame on right.


8 years ago

40 grit? That's pretty aggressive alright. lol
Unfortunately, there is probably no way you could polish out scratches that deep without professional equipment. You may be able to fill the scratches with a clear acrylic paint to reduce thier visibility.
I can't think of anything else that would be effective.