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Screen and Speakers for Portable Console Answered

Hi, I am looking into building a portable gaming setup for my younger brother from, presumably, an HDMI monitor with built in speakers. The catch is I'm shopping around for material to build the casing out of to hold the xbox and to hinge to the screen and I'm having a hard time figuring out what would be an optimal, sleek yet not too expensive option. Anyone with ideas?


I'd like to make a separate case such that it'll work with multiple consoles and future consoles (next generation is right around the bend). A couple options I've been looking at include perforated aluminum sheet metal, or acrylic. I was just searching if anyone had any miracle material ideas.

Don't build a case. Buy a cheap aluminum tool/brief case and mod it. This keeps things more flexible for you so any system can be strapped into the bottom of the case while the lid houses your screen and speakers. you'll also have plenty of room left for additional cables, controllers and other assessors.

You can find many mods here and else were where people have done similar things to put a PC or other game systems into one of these cases.


Piano Hinge directly to the xbox case and screen. If you must build a custom case then your options are wide open and limited only to your skill set and available tools.