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Screen to use for HUD in goggles? Answered

I'm using a GPS module and Arduino to make a Heads Up Display for a pair of old ski goggles I have. What kind of display can I use to show my speed? I just need two digits (but 2 7-Segment LEDs would probably be too thick). Any suggestions are welcome!


If it doesn't need to be illuminated, or if you can illuminate it somehow, ehy not use the LCD screen from a calculator or basic digital watch?

You just gave me the answer to a problem of mine, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Yes that would be ideal, but are those transparent when they're not on?

Yes, they are. In fact, you can get totally transparent LCD calculators for using on overhead projectors in maths lessons.

Ah you're completely right! I'm going to find one of those and perhaps post an instructable. I've wanted to know my speed when skiing/kayaking/biking/running/sledding/boating

won't any lcd (including today's pixel and color lcds) react basically the same to just giving it volts to the correct XY wires ? then you can build yourself a simple controller and use any lcd