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Screenprinting colour registration on tshirts? Answered

I am starting screenprinting on tshirts and am having a hell of a time getting the registration right for 2 colour. I have made 2 screens but what is the best way to register them on TShirts? Also when I iron the image after it has dried and there is any red that overlaps the white it seems to blend and turn pink. Any tips?



9 years ago

-trace the outline of the screen's frame on your table -trace the outline of the screen on the transparency exactly as you exposed it -line up rectangle on transparency with rectangle on table -place shirt under transparency with the desired component in the desired place while maintaining rectangle alignment -remove transparency from the vest -align screen to rectangle on table without moving vest at all -print component of design on shirt(mask undesired components with 3m masking tape) -repeat until finished so, as long as your carefully aligning, you can get perfect alignmet this way. It worked great for me, all of the components were within 1/16th of an inch.


10 years ago

it could help the bleeding if one or the other is on 'top' - perhaps clip your screenprint image so there is not an overlap. - or don't iron it. As for registration - a lot of shirt presses have a rotary system with arms for each colour - then you align them once for a dry-fit, then print. If you don't have a fancy system like that, then draw the outline of one colour on the opposite colour's screen - if that makes sense. 1. Print colour one, dry. 2. lay colour 2 screen (no ink!) over first, and line up. Draw the outline of colour 1 on colour 2's screen (where it wont block the image) 3. Clamp your 2nd colour screen at that placement - and screen. You want to be careful with any stretch in the material if you take them off the press between colours - in which case, its best to mount the shirt to a board, and register the BOARD to the printing table.