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Screenprinting on Velcro? Answered

Has anyone tried screen printing on the hook and loop side of velcro? Any success? Any tips?


Thank you for your advice! I gave it a try, but don't think it's going to work for all of the obvious reasons mentioned.

Have not tried but success depends on a lot of things. The hook part is made of a plastic and probably interleaved on a synthetic web base. The fuzzy loop side is probably made of nylon or polyester too. Unless you can dye these plastics with special inks, screen printing will only lay the ink on top, dry and probably flake off. Since you have a rough surface, the sharpness of your screen printing will be poor. The image if printed will degrade when the loop side starts to pill after repeated use. You might be better off in changing the design of where you want to screenprint and place the velcro outside of the image. Purchase velcro in a matching color and use as the accent. Good luck.

Wouldn't it gum up the hooks and loops? I haven't tried it, but I'd be inclined to try spray-paint though a stencil.