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Screenshots of boot screens and bios menus? Answered

Working on an Instructable for how to rock the windows/linux dual-boot... does anyone know how people get screenshots of boot screens and bios menus? I'm really trying to avoid just using a camera and doing it the ugly way.


I'm currently collecting BIOS screenshots per laptop/notebook and putting them up on my blog. I'm still using my smartphone to capture my images, and this thread helped me. If you're interested, my blog is biosdb.com

Other sollution is:
RIB (RemoteInsightBoard) is a card on which another computer can login (via IP adress) and turn on the computer. Everything you see on the screen will also be seen trough the web interface !
Dell has same thing: DRAC (Dell Remote Access Card).

Virtualisation is also a possibility but I assume that the BIOS is not accessible because there isn't any .


Some of the newer vcr/dvd recorders that you can attach  to a television  have both
an s-video input and s-video output.

Thus ,if you install  a pc video card that has an s-video output, you could feed the s-video signal  from the pc video card to the input of the  vcr/dvd recorder,then
out to the tv.

That would allow you to see as well as record the pc boot.
Then you could use some kind of video editing software to grab video frames from
the recorded dvd and save them as pictures.

At the time these run, there isn't anything loaded that can take a screenshot. I suppose you could try one of the virtual-machine packages and snapshot the VM as it loads...

But honestly, I'd just retype them as text.

BIOS menus look different on different machines anyway.