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Seal Glue Glitter on Plastic? Answered

I bought some fancy reusable clear plastic cups and I applied some glue glitter on them.  Unfortunately, the dry glitter glue scrapes off, so I'm wondering Is there a sealant that can: 1) keep the glue from being scraped off, 2) dries clear (the glossier the better), and 3) is non toxic?  Tried Mod Podge spray sealer, Glossy Accents, even finger nail polish.  Any suggestions?


I was working on a project and i needed help. What is the best type of glue to glue glitter on plastic. What is the best sealer? I was thinking mod podge but i was wondering if i can use it for the glue and sealer. Any advice?

The glue in glitter glue is designed to adhere to paper & card, and other similarly-absorbent surfaces.

If you want long-lasting glue on your cups, draw on with a glue designed to adhere to plastic, then roll them in glitter (or sprinkle them with glitter) before the glue dries.

Get some plastic primer and apply first on the areas you want to glue.
Most plastic that is used for drinking purposes is made from material that are very hard to glue.

Try asking at home depot or at ace hardware. They should have what you need.