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Sealed gravity liquid dispenser Answered

I am looking to build a sealed gravity dispenser similar to this one.... http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/household/bar/liquor-log-booze-dispenser.asp I'm trying to figure out the best route to take, I have a beer tap I will be using. My problem arises with running plumbing in a solid piece of wood without cutting it in half. I plan to use pvc and but that means I need a 90 degree angle in the block of wood or log. Is it possible? My best idea is to drill my holes and cut a chunk out of the back that can be glued back. My next question is. How to attach a bottle? Obviously I have to have the bottle upright and place the dispenser on the bottle and flip it. But how to get a seal on the bottle that will work with different bourbon or whiskeys. Thanks on advance for any help.


To attach the bottle take a one inch brass nipple and a regular coke bottle cap can be screwed on various bottles, not just coke bottles. In my case, it worked fine with Jack, Royal, and Hennessi.

What I did was I dremmelled a hole in a bottle cap, and screwed it into a fitting. Then a bottle can easily go into a fitting.

I am wondering if you got this accomplished?

I like that idea... It set me in the right direction... I have already settled on 3/4 copper line. Little more expensive but it's what I found that worked for the spouts. Soldered a compression nut and pipe togther and used Water hose gasket to ensure a good seal (since I'm awful at soldering and the compress didn't seal).

My next step is as you suggested, open the bottom... But I plan to use a 90 degree shark bite fitting...

The problem still arises how to attach the bottle.

Don't use rigid PVC, use a flexible hose.

> Drill down from the top of the block to make space for the bottle-neck.

> Drill in from the front to make space to fit the tap.

> Drill up from the bottom to make a cavity.

If you use a flexible hose, you can pull it up to connect to your bottle, then push it down into the cavity when you put the bottle in place. See my sketch - it's a cross-section from the side. The pale areas are drilled out, the black line is the route of the hose.