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Sealer to weatherproof paint and gold leaf on granite? Answered

I have a granite headstone and the gold leaf is wearing off. I thought I might use an acrylic gold paint to patch it. Is there a sealer that will weatherproof the paint and gold leaf? Many thanks.


The paint will deteriorate. Gold leaf is chemically inert (aside from immersion in Aqua Regia, a combo of hydrochloric and nitric acids). If you wanted to apply gold leaf to repair the missing flakes, then cover it in something to protect it (a bit) from mechanical damge (falling twigs, etc), a clear polyurethane would be my bet.

Thanks, sure glad I used this forum before going ahead with the acrylic paint. Many thanks to all who have replied.

The traditional, INSIDE glue was Gesso, which was made with egg yolk. Don't know what was used outside, but the Russians decorated the domes of their churches with gold often.

That's true and now that you mention it...what did they do to seal the beautiful gold on the outside of their domes...I wonder?

Be aware that most of these "gold" paints are not actually rated for outdoor use.
In my case the gold turned dark after only 4 months and after a year it was more brown than anything.
If you do use paint then pay a bit more and use something clearly rated for outdoor use in all weather conditions.
It might be possible to use a clear and UV proving varnish as a top coat but can be too certain on it.
Fixing the old gold with gold leaf is actually not too hard, you might want to check some youtube videos on how to properly apply it.
Should not be too costly either if you can buy small amounts of gold leaf.

Only way I know Au can appear tarnished would be by being covered by the material..

Ergo, real gold turning dark in four months, suggests a very very dirty atmosphere that you were breathing into the 88 square meters of surface area of your lungs..

I am concerned about where you live.

Best regards...

Didn't read your comment carefully.

I'm sure you are breathing well...

Thanks for that, I didn't realise the acrylic paint would lose it's colour. I will check out gold leaf on YouTube.


11 months ago

First off, such a material would need to have less then a micron shrinkage, with a low or nonexistent adherence to the Au.. The material must be temperature stable, completely clear, waterproof and most important it must never fade with years of Ultraviolet Sunlight exposure...

I do not know of such a material and will be monitoring to see is someone knows of such a compound perhaps a Urethane..

In the absence of a physical barrier, perhaps an energy shield like a slowly oscillating non-sine wave trapezoid electrostatic generator could act as the control barrier..