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Sealing stone Answered

I was just wondering if anyone out there knew how to seal stone in such a way as to make it useful as a food service platter or maybe a cup. I know its possible to use glaze like one would on a piece of pottery (or maybe tile sealant?) but I would like to find some way that 1)doesn't require a kiln and 2) leaves the rock looking like regular rock. Best would be a way that makes the rock look wet but matte and doesn't change the texture.


Wow, I found a LOT of warnings to not use porous pots like clay, terra cotta, and stone for food if not sealed properly.

The closest thing I found to anything outside of kiln or pit firing is Bees-wax sealant

Yeah, I found that too. I ran a test on a small piece. I polished it and it seems to polish up well so I am hoping I won't have to seal it. I will have to test it a bit more and look for more pieces.

Yeah, the biggest problem is liquids and semi-liquids soaking/seeping into the stone.

I think it depends on the stone. I dont think pourous rock is used as stoneware like cups or plates, as I know that most of it is just raw rock that is polished smooth when cut. Use granite or marble for sure. Maybe soapstone, too.

Yeah, I found that too. I ran a test on a small piece. I polished a piece with my dremel and made myself a seal. It gets really smooth. I don't know for sure but I think its a kind of granite.

Does anybody know what is commonly used to seal wooden cups?

. They make a clear sealer for concrete blocks (cinder blocks), but I don't know how safe it would be for food service.