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Search Bug. Answered

Whenever I use the search tool in the search bar, my avatar in the corner changes to what I think is Logic Boy's avatar. Below is a screenshot. Anyone know what's happening?


that is really really weird, as far as I know I haven't hacked into your computer


8 years ago

Whoa - that's crazy!!!  It's like the twilight zone of searches!

Cloude says this is related to cached versions of pages from people who did the same search before you.  Pages should get cleared every half hour or so, but until then, we're serving up a previous searcher's user icon.

We'll fix it, but until then, it's really fun to play with. 

I assume everyone realizes that you're not actually logged in as that person, just that their icon appears on the cached page that you are being served.

 Whenever I search "Kiteman", my avatar changes to Caitlinsdad's avatar.

I'm loving these bugs.

It did it to me too... I'm not sure who's avatar it was though, I think it might have been killerjackalopes

Either way I just logged out and back in and now it's working ... still, it's very weird.

 When I search LoneWolf, it changes to your avatar.  Yay.

 I noticed it also changed the shortcuts section from what I usually have, like it is logging me in temporarily as another user, or thinks I'm someone else.

There are two screenshots showing what happened.


 I just realized you can't read it.  If you right click on the image, copy the url, and then change the term "MEDIUM" in the url to "LARGE", you should get a viewable image.

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You have split personality disorder and YOU are actually logic_boy. DUN DUN DUNNNNN, great plot twist I know.