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Search box gone odd Answered

The search box has gone peculiar on the SciFi contest prize page.

See top-right corner of screen grab.

FireFox, Windows XP


The view counts seem to vary as well. On your personal overview page I think you can see the real count, but when you look at the Instructable directly the view count is lower.

We have several servers running the site and what you are seeing is a small discrepancy that gets resolved when the system syncs up. This is most noticeable when a project is freshly published.

Ah ok, it was indeed a freshly published one where I saw it. Good job on the redesign :)

We're pushing out a release right now, aiming to fix all the things that didn't get sorted with the new layout.

Double posting bug (for me) seems to be back also.... *sigh*

Mac OS X 10.6 Safari 5.1.7

Mac OS X 10.6 Safari 5.1.7