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Search button not working in certain places. Answered

On Windows 8 x64 and Chrome 29.0.1547.66 (Official Build 220848) m


1. Navigate to https://www.instructables.com

2. Ogle at the pretty search bar, typing in things to correspond with the background image, how nice!

3. Click on the pretty bar and type in "desks." Let's make it!

4. Click the search icon and watch as absolutely nothing happens.

5. Click to make the text field active again and press enter.

6. Stare down the pretty search bar as it still does not do anything.

7. Dismiss the pretty search as nothing more than a visual spectacle, not functional in any way, and feel slightly disappointed in the web designers.

8. Click on a random Instructable on the front page to get the familiar search bar on top. In my case, I clicked on "Inside-Out Baklava (Gluten Free, Raw) by DNA girl" on a whim.

9. Acquire familiar page setup and search bar on top!

10. Search for "desk," revel in joy as both search button and pressing enter works.

11. Check out those sweet desks! Decide to sort the results.

12. Change the type id from "Everything" to "Popular."

13. Press the search icon and enjoy as it does nothing.

14. Make the text field active again and press enter to search.

Okay, this is where I have to stop doing step by step as there are too many inconsistencies to walk you through them all. From what I can see though, the type id selector is very very broken. Starting from the default "Everything," you can select "Popular" or "Featured to break the search button. Selecting "Technology," "Living," "Food," "Play," or "Outside" does nothing besides change the 3x3 square grid icon. The word "Everything" does not change to the selected "Technology" like it does for "Popular" and "Featured." However, if you open the selector again, you will see it highlighted in blue and pressing enter to search still applies the type id. On some occasions, clicking either "Workshop" or "Technology: will automatically apply the type id, without having to even search again, though I am unable to replicate this consistently.

So that's that. I basically have no idea what's going on, but good luck, dudes.

quick edit: trying to publish this forum topic gave me this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerText' of null

This was not on page, discovered in Chrome's Inspect Element.  If I never find a way to post this, tell my family I love them.

edit2: Finally managed to post this using Firefox Nightly, whatever the latest commit is.



5 years ago

Browsers with any add-ons can prevent our site from loading and displaying information correctly. Disabling browser add-ons and refreshing the page will usually clear up those problems.

The error you were shown is because of your browser add-on Lastpass. This is likely the culprit for both the search bar not operating as usual, and for the difficulties experienced when publishing this topic.

Does disabling your browser add-ons and refreshing the page fix the issues?


Reply 5 years ago

Aaagh, i can't believe it! I'm usually so thorough with bug checking and I forgot to recheck disable extensions! It was on my mind too, as soon as I saw "lastpass" in the Chrome error, but I was short on time and submitted anyway.

You are absolutely correct, disabling Lastpass fixes every single problem I listed in the original post and I am a moron. Lastpass is not installed on Firefox Nightly, being why I could post from over there. Thank you for your help and I'll delete this post if you'd like.


Reply 5 years ago

No, you're not a moron. I have been convinced for several years that there are serious shortcomings in the JS library I'bles uses, if they are that sensitive to whatever random add-on some user has on their machine. Properly written Web pages should be insensitive to the user's environment, period.

Unfortunately, as in so much software development, once you've adopted an infrastructure, you are really locked into it :-(


5 years ago

I know I have more issues around the site when using Chrome - switching to Firefox will normally fix problems I have with searching and lacking the ability to click buttons.

I'm forwarding this to our dev team - thank you for such a detailed bug report!


Reply 5 years ago

Nobody should have to switch browsers. We'll take a look. Thanks, Jessy.

Thank you for this detailed bug report, too.