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Season branches for walking sticks Answered

Does anybody have an idea for building a small seasoning 'shed' or box for 5 to 7 foot long walking sticks that speeds up the process? We're in Florida and the air remains moist year round. I build a kiln controller for my wife and was figuring on building a small room on our back porch and making thermostat for a space heater and putting it in there, but if anyone has any ready made plans that's relatively inexpensive, I'm all ears. :)


I have used plastic sheeting on a wooden frame ....I stuck a cherry and black walnut stump that I had cut into boards about 3 inches thick added a small fan and a light to keep it warm in winter fan was to keep air moving ...worked better then in the attic ....depending on wood size you may want to wax the ends to help stop checking

Because we don't have an attic, nor a basement. I'm in a 2005 double-wide in the middle of Florida.

i dont think think you would need to make a whole room. this site has plans for making all sorts of wooden items i think the casket would be good one for walking sticks